Fat and Cellulite Reduction


Fat and cellulite reduction GET YOUR BODY LOOKING ITS BEST

At HYPOXI Newstead, you can target fat and cellulite that have built up in common areas of your body: your stomach, thighs, bottom and hips. Now is your chance to get your body looking its best and achieve the body you’ve always wanted. So, why not drop into our studio in Newstead and give it a go!

Did you know that HYPOXI treatment and exercise programs have been praised by media in the UK, calling it one of “the most effective fat and cellulite reduction treatments to come on the market”? And this fantastic body solution is available right here in Newstead, Brisbane.

Why HYPOXI is so effective

It’s our unique treatment program that sets us apart from the rest—combining gentle exercise and vacuum technology. Also, HYPOXI has been proven (in numerous scientific studies) to be as much as 3 times more effective at burning fat in problematic areas than by using traditional exercise.

Get the body you’ve always wanted

Getting the body you’ve always wanted might take less time than you imagine. And that’s the beauty of HYPOXI. On average, our recommended treatment plan involves 3 sessions per week for only 4 weeks. With each session taking 30 minutes in our beautiful and private boutique environment, surrounded by supportive, understanding and professional staff.


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Our HYPOXI machines

Find out about our HYPOXI machines, and how each has been designed to help you achieve different results:

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