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Have you recently injured yourself and are unable to do your normal exercise routine? Or have you undergone a surgery and need specific exercise for rehabilitation? Then HYPOXI may have just what you need. Our exercise machines have been specially designed for people who have difficulty with high-impact workouts. If you are trying to recover from an injury or a surgery, you need low-impact exercise for rehab. This is our specialty!

For example, our HYPOXI L250 exercise machine allows you to lie down and perform a gentle cycling motion inside a vacuum chamber. It’s also adjustable. Our trained and experienced staff will help set the machine to a level that meets your individual rehab needs. There aren’t many exercise machines in the world that allow you (and assist you) to exercise when rehabbing! We have them right here in Bulimba, Brisbane.

Below we’ve outlined some examples of when our HYPOXI machines can assist rehabilitation from specific injuries. As always, though, before you begin any new workout (especially if you have an injury or are recently post-op) you will need to check with your healthcare professional first to make sure that our HYPOXI machines are suited to your particular situation.

Exercise for back rehab

Back injuries and back surgeries can be particularly sensitive and difficult things to rehab from. With back injuries there is usually a specific timeframe when you need to rest (and do nothing) and a time to start gentle exercise. And with back surgery rehab, physios will tell you that movement and gentle exercise is an important part of returning to good health. If you are ready for this kind of exercise, visit us at HYPOXI and find out what low-impact exercise options we offer. Our machines can help with lower back rehab, back pain rehab and back strain rehab.

We have machines to suit your individual needs, such as the low-impact HYPOXI L250, and very-low-impact HYPOXI Dermology. We also offer a Far Infrared Sauna to detox and help rejuvenate your system.

Contact us and talk to our friendly staff about how we can help you rehab from a back injury or surgery.

Exercise with broken ankle

Broken ankles can make it very difficult to do any exercise, so rehabbing from them is often a delicate process. Any ‘standing up’ exercise is immediately out, so that rules out most of your normal options. However, at HYPOXI we have world-class machines that can help you exercise with a broken ankle and rehab from your current state.

In the early stages of recovering from a broken ankle (or surgery for a broken ankle) you might be told to avoid weight-bearing activities. During these stages we recommend trying our HYPOXI Dermology machine. You can lie down and stay motionless as the machine works on your body.

L250-Training-hypoxi-bulimba-brisbane Once you are ready for weight-bearing activity, you may want to try our HYPOXI 250 machine. This machine allows you to lie down and only requires a gentle cycling motion. We can set the machine to a low level of resistance if you need low-impact exercise for your ankle.

Contact us to discuss how our machines can help you rehab from a broken ankle.

Exercise with broken arm or broken wrist

If you have broken your arm or wrist (or both), you still have a lot of exercise options. Obviously, you won’t be lifting any weights at the gym anytime soon, but there is a range of cardio and low-impact exercises you can do while you rehab from an injury or surgery.

For exercise with a broken arm, we have machines such as the Vacunaut and HYPOXI L250. These machines are also suitable for exercise with a broken wrist as there is no strain or stress put on your arms or wrists. Of course, every injury and process to rehab from surgery is different, so it’s important to check with your healthcare professional before trying our HYPOXI machines.

Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how they can assist you to rehab from a broken arm or broken wrist.