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Nearly every woman who has a baby is then faced with how to lose their baby weight. For some breastfeeding can be a great way to lose weight. For others, more help is needed. Siobhan faced the same issue as everyone else “how to lose weight after pregnancy” what was the best and fastest way that was also safe?

Siobhan’s Irish roots

Siobhan was born in Ireland and lived there for most of her life. But after her Nanny died in 2004 (soon after her 100th birthday), Siobhan looked to move abroad. Two weeks after her passing, Siobhan booked her ticket to Australia. She loved it so much here that she ended up living in Sydney for 6 years. After that she moved to Brisbane, which she now calls home.

How to Lose Baby Weight: Siobhan’s personal experience with HYPOXI

Siobhan’s passion for HYPOXI started years ago as part of a very personal journey. She first tried HYPOXI 8 weeks after her son, Max, was born. At the time she was a size 14 and had accumulated a lot of cellulite from pregnancy—mainly on the front of her legs.

Within 3 months, Siobhan had gone from a size 14 to a size 6 and lost her cellulite. From being involved in the beauty industry for years, she’d experienced a lot of different treatments and techniques, but nothing quite like HYPOXI. What impressed Siobhan most about HYPOXI was its speed and effectiveness.

Opening her own HYPOXI studios

Siobhan White is the driving force behind HYPOXI in Brisbane, creating 2 wonderful studios in Bulimba and Newstead.

The 3 months of HYPOXI that resulted in losing the baby weight had left its mark on Siobhan, and she was inspired to open her own studio. She really wanted to help others achieve their post baby weight-loss goals. And as she’d always been an active person who was interested in exercise, health, and wellness, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. But before she opened her studio, she conducted HYPOXI trials and research for 8 months, while also studying nutrition and business courses. After much preparation, Siobhan opened her first HYPOXI studio in Bulimba in March of 2012.

After working hard for 4 years to grow her Bulimba business, an opportunity came to open a second studio in Newstead. Also, by this stage, her son had started school, so that made expanding the business a whole lot easier. In April 2016, Siobhan opened her second HYPOXI studio in Newstead—just across the river from Bulimba.

Siobhan’s passion for health

Siobhan’s passion, and the inspiration behind her 2 HYPOXI studios, is to help people reach health and wellness milestones. She loves watching clients go on a journey and achieve great results. It’s even more special when a client has a goal like losing weight after having a baby or for for a particular event, like a wedding. This is the part of her job that is the most satisfying and rewarding—helping people each and every day.

But it’s not just physical health that Siobhan is passionate about. She’s also a strong believer in the power of exercise to improve mental health. And so, she supports causes through advocacy and fundraising, as well as by hosting events.

The success of Siobhan’s HYPOXI studios

How to Lose Baby Weight after Pregnancy: Siobhan White and Hypoxi

Siobhan White demonstrating the L250 machine at HYPOXI

Siobhan credits part of her success to the contemporary and proven therapies offered at HYPOXI: technology-based exercise, infrared sauna, AirPod (hyperbaric oxygen chamber), nutrition and musculoskeletal therapies, etc.

But the major reason for her success is her staff. She has handpicked her team so that her clients will always feel welcome, supported, and listened to, and so her studios are friendly and family-orientated. Also, her staff are a great support to Siobhan—particularly Bec, the manager of the Bulimba studio, who has helped make it possible for Siobhan to expand.

Siobhan’s personal mantra for success is to, ‘Keep moving forward, keep motivated, and always remember why I started the journey in the first place.’

Siobhan walks the walk of health and fitness

Siobhan doesn’t just talk the talk of health and fitness; she also walks the walk—continuing to challenge herself. For example, she still loves to enter fitness competitions. In 2016 she won the World Fitness Federation (WFF) fitness model in the over 30 category, came third in the Nationals, and 6th at the Worlds. In 2017  WFF Ms Galaxy-Universe competition in Sydney Siobhan got 1st place fitness model tall and 2nd place supermodel.

While in Brisbane she has also competed in sports, including Camogie (Irish stick-and-ball team sport, similar to hurling) and Gaelic football.

And to top off her whole HYPOXI journey thus far, in November 2016, Siobhan won the Irish Australia Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Thinking of trying HYPOXI?

Feeling inspired by Siobhan White’s story? If you’re thinking of trying HYPOXI for yourself, drop into our studios at Bulimba and have a chat to one of our friendly staff. Or give us a call on (07) 3161 7141 (Bulimba) . We’d love to hear from you and help you reach your weight-loss, health, and wellness dreams.