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Why is oxygen therapy important?

Oxygen deficiency is not something that people commonly consider as a potential cause of disease or other issues. Symptoms of imbalanced or deficient oxygen flow often include:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Dullness and a general feeling of sluggishness
  • Anger
  • Premature ageing
  • Decrease in soft tissue healing.

If your oxygen imbalance is severe, your immune system is compromised and you become more likely to catch germs, viruses and diseases.

What are the benefits of more oxygen in the body?

There are numerous benefits to being treated with mild hyperbaric oxygen, such as:

  • your brain getting what it needs to function properly
  • boosting your immune system and helping your body fight infection
  • assisting with post-operative recovery and healing as well as sports injuries
  • support in treating chronic diseases
  • faster wound healing
  • less post-operative infection and inflammation and infection
  • faster recovery for athletes
  • more strength, endurance and energy
  • less stress and tension
  • improves your memory and concentration
  • detoxification of your blood, which aids healing and slows ageing and improves your heart and lungs
  • reduces migraines and headaches
  • helps digestion and improves your metabolism
  • improves your sleeping patterns and reduces fatigue
  • relieves still muscles
  • helps skin conditions.

What is mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by raising the amount of oxygen in your blood plasma. With increased oxygen in your plasma, more oxygen is able to reach your organs, tissues and brain. Your brain is usually only two percent of your total weight, but it uses more than twenty percent of your total oxygen. Only around ten percent the energy we get comes from food —the other ninety percent of our energy comes from oxygen.

During oxygen therapy, more oxygen is dissolved under pressure and into your blood plasma and can then enter your tissues.

Our mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Hypoxi Newstead helps you relax, stimulates your body’s healing process, increases your stamina, and helps you to become balanced and find a state of wellbeing.

If you’d like a more technical explanation—basically gas put under pressure disperses into a liquid more easily. When your body is put under increased pressure, your fluids, tissues and cells can absorb a lot more oxygen than you could by just breathing in. (If you’d like a more scientific explanation, do a Google search for ‘Henry’s law’.)

So how does oxygen therapy work?

Your blood consists of three main parts: white blood cells (these fight infection), red blood cells (these carry oxygen and plasma), and the fluid that transports white and red blood cells around your body.

Normally, red blood cells carry most of the oxygen, and the plasma only carries about 3%. As mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy pushes oxygen into your body fluids that are under pressure, a lot more oxygen is able to be dissolved into the plasma. This greatly increases the oxygen levels, after which the fluids carry extra oxygen throughout your body and enhance your natural healing ability.

How much more oxygen is created by hyperbaric therapy?

You may not realise it, but you only use about 4–6% of the oxygen you breathe. But during hyperbaric treatment, about 24–30% oxygen becomes available to you. How? Basically, when under pressure, your body can absorb approximately 10 times more oxygen than it normally could..

How mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can assist healing

With increased oxygen levels in your blood plasma, your body tissues can also have higher oxygen levels. This creates a better environment to enable normal healing as well as cell function.

As well as helping patients to heal post-surgery, and athletes to recover more quickly from fatigue and injuries, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also provide benefits for various medical conditions. Treatment helps reduce hypoxic areas (where there is not enough oxygen) in your body to improve the metabolic function of your cells It also supports and strengthens your immune response and can enhance your normal healing ability.

Benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can:

  • improve your strength, energy and endurance
  • improve your concentration and memory
  • relieve any tension and stress
  • detoxify your blood
  • strengthen your heart and lungs
  • promote healing and anti ageing
  • improve your metabolism and help digestion
  • treat headaches and migraines
  • relieve any muscle stiffness
  • reduce fatigue while improving your sleeping patterns
  • improve many skin conditions
  • strengthen your immune system and wellbeing.

At Hypoxi, we have a state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber that is spacious and enable oxygen therapy in a comfortable and relaxed environment..

How it helps sports injuries, recovery time and endurance

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves your immune response and can enhance your performance levels.

It’s a well-known fact that training is hard on your body, but if you want to be successful in sports, you need to push yourself to your limits. Afterwards, though, your body needs adequate time to recover.

With oxygen therapy, your body can recover faster. It reduces inflammation and accelerates the muscle repair process. This enables you to push yourself even further than you may have thought was possible, leading to a more intense training schedule with better results.

Have you ever considered how a muscle tear (strain) can heal much more quickly than a ligament tear (sprain)? Well, the answer is oxygen! That’s because your muscles have a strong supply of oxygen, giving them all the necessary energy to allow effective protein synthesis as part of tissue repair and regeneration. Whereas, ligaments and tendons don’t.. You may be wondering, how can I get more oxygen to my tissues? Well, the answer is pressure!

Many athletes have less lactic acid after hyperbaric therapy, better endurance and are less prone to muscle fatigue. Our pressurised chambers help with sports injuries by treating swelling, ischemia and dehydration. With higher amounts of oxygen in your blood (at the cellular level) healing can occur much faster.

These concentrated oxygen levels allow many athletes to improve their performance and recover time. more.

Oxygen for post-surgery recovery

As part of recovery from surgery, oxygen is carried to cells in your body where it is used in the healing process. Oxygen can reduce scar tissue, as well as bruising and swelling that is often visible post-surgery. It can also decrease inflammation and infection after surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, when used before and after surgery, can help to heal your wounds and accelerate your recovery.

How many oxygen therapy treatments will I need?

How many sessions you need will depend on your individual case and history. Most oxygen treatment needs an initial period of concentration followed by assessment and further prescription of treatments dependent on how you react to initial sessions.

Back to work sooner

Often one of our main concerns after surgery is how quickly we can get back to work. With mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy you can reduce recovery and healing time by treating the swelling and bruising that goes along with surgery.

In fact, an increasing number of health professionals now recommend mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy to their patients to assist them make a speedy recovery.

Frequently asked questions

How will I feel during oxygen treatment and afterwards?

For the vast majority of people, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very relaxing – many people even fall sleep. This is quite normal as it’s a detoxification process for your. But as everyone is different, you may experience mild symptoms after the treatment.

These symptoms include fatigue, as result of your body removing toxins that have built up. If this happens, just know that it’s a safe and normal part of the healing process.

And then there are some people who have the opposite reaction – feeling more alert and energised after treatment. It will all depend on your body and what is going on a deeper level.

What does the treatment chamber feel like?

While in the oxygen machine chamber you may experience a change of pressure in yours ears, in much the same way as when an aircraft is descending, or when you dive deep into a swimming pool. You may also feel slightly warm during treatment, which is just a result of the chamber pressurising, then comfortable as the chamber reaches treatment pressure, then slightly cool as it depressurises. As the pressure increases, your heart rate and blood pressure will settle down and you’ll feel relaxed.

Is this kind of oxygen therapy safe?

Yes, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe for everyone – from young people to those later in life.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported for this kind of oxygen therapy. It is a safe and comfortable experience.

In fact, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known for its many therapeutic benefits. The chamber poses no danger of things like oxygen toxicity. It can also be combined with a majority of other therapies without any side effects.

How long is an oxygen therapy session?

Our sessions take an hour, and after a session you can resume the normal activities in your day without restriction.

What should I wear to oxygen therapy?

Something that is loose and comfortable. During sessions you’ll be fully-clothed.

Am I likely to feel restricted in the chamber?

No—our chambers are spacious and comfortable. And the increased levels of oxygen help you to feel relaxed. In fact, spending just one hour in the oxygen chamber is equivalent to four hours of good quality sleep.

What can I do in the oxygen chamber?

While you are in the chamber, you can do things like listen to music, read a book, meditate, use your mobile phone and laptop or just relax and do nothing. .

How many oxygen therapy sessions will I need?

Every person is different and needs treatment for a variety of reasons, so it’s hard to give an estimate. It will depend on your injury or illness and the extent of the problems. If you choose daily sessions, these help your body to heal 3 times as fast. But your Hypoxi therapist will discuss your issues and needs as well as lifestyle and health goals before we begin treatment.

After a treatment program is completed, we recommend occasional treatments to make sure that your oxygen levels remain healthy.


Hello. I’m a happy Airpod client of yours and am sending you those photos
that I showed everyone on Friday evening. You’ll see the obvious
improvement in the pics going from bad to good. The most recent “good” pic
is after 5 Airpod sessions. Overall it took me 15months to heal this wound
but now the painful scarring is improving.!!

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