Why Lymphatic Drainage?



Lymphatic drainage actually helps treat a variety of skin and body conditions.

It is ideal for

  • firming skin tone and texture
  • boosting the immune system
  • speeding up the body’s natural detoxification process
  • reducing swelling, inflammation and fluid retention in the legs and ankles or face puffiness
  • reducing stress due to the sympatholytic response
  • restoring nervous system balance and feeling deeply relaxed
  • anti-aging
  • speeding up healing
  • weight loss
  • regenerating tissues
  • detox after chemotherapy/radiation
  • pre and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction
  • cellulite treatment, spider veins, scar tissue, redness and acne
  • those prone to sore throats, infections, colds, on-going tiredness

Our Lymphatic Drainage Machine- HypoxiDermology (HDC)

Aware of the benefits of Cupping to combat stress and various other issues of life, HYPOXI developed a contemporary and sophisticated treatment that may help with lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction.

The HDC suit has a complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers around the hips, stomach, thigh, and buttock region. These chambers act like refined manual cupping and provide a deep tissue massage. The suit enables a much larger area to be treated at once and the high and low pressure of the chambers accelerate cellulite reduction.

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What is Lymphatic Drainage?

It is actually stimulation of the Lymphatic system that encourages lymph flow. So it effectively speeds up the process.

What is Lymph and the Lymphatic System?

Lymph is colourless. It’s a fluid that contains white blood cells. This fluid bathes your tissues and drains via your lymphatic system into your bloodstream.

Your lymphatic system is like a large washing machine on spin cycle. It wrings your lymph out of your tissues and cells.

Your Lymph glands are found

  • behind the knee
  • underarm
  • groin
  • abdominal region
  • crook of the arm
  • front of the neck
  • behind the ear
  • in front of the ear
  • base of the skull
  • beneath the chin
  • under the jaw

They are connected by a network of vessels. Muscle movement is needed to move lymph as the lymph system does not have a pump.

The lymph system is responsible for delivering nutrients to your cells and carrying away water, bacteria, cellular waste, toxins and  viruses.

So as you can see it’s very important.

Functions of the Lymphatic System

  • to produce lymphocytes and therefore prevent disease
  • maintain fluid balance
  • helps the immune system destroy pathogens and filter waste
  • removing excess fluid, debris, waste, dead blood cells, cancer cells, pathogens, and toxins
  • working with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, hormones and oxygen from blood body tissue cells

What to do after a HDC session

Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins. Avoid salt and alcohol.

What to wear in a HDC session

Wear light loose clothes

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