Stomach Weight Loss

Belly Weight Loss, Waist Weight Loss

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneLosing weight from your stomach, belly and waist can be very difficult.

It doesn’t matter what your gender —often these areas are stubborn weight-holders.

Stomach weight loss, belly weight loss, and waist weight loss are very important for health reasons, but they can also play a big role in how you feel about yourself.

Whether you exercise a little or a lot—low-impact or intensive—these are often the last places you lose weight from.

Having no control over where your body decides to shed kilos from can be so frustrating, even demoralisng. That’s why many people give up an exercise routine before they achieve their desired results.

But at HYPOXI, we’ve got some good news for you! With our specially designed machines, you can control what parts of your body you lose weight from.

We help people of all shapes and sizes, of all ages, and from all walks of life lose weight from their stomach, belly and waist every single day.

Belly weight loss (men)

Stomach Weight Loss, Belly Weight Loss, Waist Weight LossFor many men, the stomach is one o

f the first places they put on weight, and one of the hardest to lose it from.

A lot of men find that as they get older, they put on belly weight much more easily.

So whether you have a classic ‘beer gut’ from too many sessions down at the pub with the boys, or a ‘gourmet gut’ from too many wine and cheese nights, if your belly has started to swell, it’s time to come and see us at HYPOXI.

After all, only Santa Claus really wants a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, right?

Stomach Weight Loss, Belly Weight Loss, Waist Weight Loss

Vacunaut exercise machine

Our Vacunaut exercise machine is the perfect solution to belly fat on men.

This hi-tech machine uses low- and high-pressurised chambers to stimulate blood supply to the fatty tissue around your stomach, and then transports it to muscles where it’s burned off as you exercise. And if you’re not much of an exerciser, don’t worry; we use a treadmill system, and you only have to walk at a brisk pace.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Check out more about our Vacunaut machine and how it can help you with belly weight loss.

Stomach weight loss (women)

For many women, stomach weight loss is a priority. And also hard to manage—you can easily put on weight around your stomach in a short amount of time. Whether you have recently had a baby, started exercising less, or changed your diet, you may find that your stomach isn’t looking quite how you’d like it to.

HYPOXI is here to help you. We specialise in stomach weight loss for women, and can customise a routine for your specific needs.

Vacunaut exercise machine        

If you want to see amazing stomach weight-loss results, come in and try out our Vacunaut exercise machine. Using low-impact exercise on a treadmill (no more than a fast walk) and a special belt that wraps around your mid-section, pressurised chambers target fat tissue on your stomach.

Discover how the Vacunaut machine can help you lose stomach weight.

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneWaist weight loss (women)

For women, the waist is another really difficult area to lose weight from. So if you’re having trouble fitting into that favourite summer dress, or you’d like to look your best for a special occasion, give us a call at HYPOXI. We’ve helped many women with waist weight loss to achieve the body they want. We’ve even had brides-to-be come in, trim down, and fit into their dream wedding dress for the big day.

Hypoxi L250 machine

Our Hypoxi L250 exercise machine can specifically target weight around your waist. It’s like a low-impact exercise bike, but this one is in a pressurised chamber. And you also get to lie down as you peddle.

So don’t sit around fretting about the size of your waist, find out how the Hypoxi L250 can help you with waist weight loss today.

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