Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Best Exercise for Weight Loss - Hypoxi BrisbaneThe question we need to ask is not “what is the best exercise for WEIGHT loss” but instead “what is the best exercise for FAT loss”.

There is no point losing weight if you lose your lean muscle mass. Then when you stop dieting and exercising put fat on. This kind of weight cycling puts you in a worse place than if you never dieted and exercised in the first place. This happens to Millions of people every year.

What you really need is exercise that burns fat and keeps your lean muscle. This is where Hypoxi is excellent.

Hypoxi is the Best Exercise for Weight Loss (Fat Loss)

Hypoxi is a patented system that targets stubborn fat with a low impact cardio training program. Your body won’t burn fat from areas with poor circulation. However, Hypoxi’s unique exercise machines enable you to exercise in a vacuum and target problematic areas.

Not only do you lose weight with Hypoxi but you also improve the texture of your skin.

Hypoxi also gives you FREE access to a Nutrition portal with nutrition information and recipes to further help with your fat loss.

How Do You Know You Are Burning FAT?

If you weigh yourself on scales you can only measure your weight. You still don’t know if you have actually lost muscle or fat. At Hypoxi in Bulimba we have an inbody 570 machine which measures your muscle and fat so you can track your weight and fat loss journey.

The women in the image below both weigh the same amount

Source: Metabolic Effect

Best-Exercise-for-Weight-LossWeight Loss vs Fat Loss Facts

  1. You can lose body fat without losing weight
  2. You can lose body fat and lose weight
  3. You can lose weight and lose fat
  4. You can lose weight and maintain fat

It all depends on what is happening with the water and muscle parts of your body.

Bodybuilders may want to maintain their weight, build muscle and lose fat. They may need to lose weight quickly before a comp. This weight loss will come from loss of their water, fat and muscle. But most of us just want to keep as much muscle as we can and lose FAT. Ideally, that means losing 5-20kg of fat and keeping our muscle.

So if you live in Brisbane and want to lose fat and keep your muscle contact us at Hypoxi Bulimba or Newstead for a FREE trial.