How to Lose Weight for a Wedding

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneA better question than “How to Lose Weight for a Wedding” is “How to Lose FAT before a Wedding”.

What we really want is to look slimmer, more toned and healthy on our wedding day. We want our beauty to shine through. Starvation or quick weight loss diets tend to have the opposite effect. You can look drawn in the face and lose muscle so you don’t look as slim as you could if you lost fat.

A whole food diet and exercise program that burns fat and keeps your lean muscle is what you really need. This way you can lose size with less effort and also improve your skin tone.

Leanne dropped two dress sizes in 3 months with Hypoxi

Leanne bought a dress that was two sizes smaller than her. So she needed to do something in the 3 months before the wedding.

In fact she lost so much size that the dress was two big and had to be taken in.

Leanne says that she tried numerous diets in the past. She highly recommends Hypoxi to any bride wanting to lose weight and be more toned for her wedding.


Why Hypoxi is the Best way to lose Weight before a wedding

Hypoxi is a unique patented system that involves low impact cardio training. By exercising in a vacuum you can actually target stubborn fat from particular areas of your body. Normally when you lose weight you have no control over which parts of your body that lose fat.

Normally when you lose weight you have no control over which parts of your body that weight is lost from.

Hypoxi is also great at improving the texture of your skin and reducing cellulite.

So by combining exercise in Hypoxi’s machines and a whole food eating plan you can ensure that you lose fat and maintain your muscle. This is the best way to look slimmer in a short period of time.


 Are You Burning FAT?

The scales only show your total weight. If you lose weight on the scales it could be fat, muscle and or water.

The women below are the same height and weight

This is why it is so important to lose fat and maintain muscle

Source: Metabolic Effect

Best-Exercise-for-Weight-LossFor pre wedding weight loss (fat loss) in Brisbane, contact us at Hypoxi Bulimba or Newstead for a FREE trial.