Weight Loss Exercises for

Hips, Thighs, Legs and Stomach

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneWe all know that exercise and diet are the best ways to lose weight, right? But if you’ve ever tried to lose weight from a specific area of your body, you’ll know that it’s practically impossible.

Until recently you had no control over where your body decided to lose weight from when you exercised. You couldn’t simply say, ‘Hey, body! I’m going jogging now, so please take some kilograms off my bum.’

But with Hypoxi, all that has changed. Our targeted weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs and stomach allow you to control where you lose the weight.

And this amazing program is available right here in Bulimba, Brisbane.

Weight loss program for women

Many women want to lose weight from specific areas of their body, but find it very difficult.

Some want to lose that pesky post-baby weight that has been hanging around their stomach; others want to trim down their waist, hips, legs and thighs to fit into a wedding dress; and others simply want to regain the trim, taut figure they had in their 20s or 30s.

With Hypoxi, you can do all this and more.

Targeted weight loss workout for women

Waist, hips, bum and thighs

For women, their waist, hips, bum and thighs are often the hardest to lose weight from. But with our Hypoxi L250—the vacuum weight loss machine workout—you can target these specific areas of your body.

The L250 removes fat and cellulite using vacuum technology. And all you have to do is maintain a steady cycling motion for each 30-minute session.

Find out more about the benefits of the Hypoxi L250.

Stomach fat

If it’s stomach fat you’d particularly like to wave goodbye to, our Vacunaut exercise machine is perfect for you. It specialises in removing fat from your:

  • stomach
  • love handles
  • hips.

Find out how the Vacunaut machine can help you.

Cellulite removal for women

If you’d also like to remove cellulite from particular areas of your body, you can couple your exercise workout with our Hypoxi Dermology machine. It uses stimulating suction technology (similar to traditional Chinese cupping techniques) to tone and firm your skin while removing cellulite.

To find out more about Hypoxi Dermology, read our Cellulite Treatment, Cellulite Removal page.

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneWeight loss for men

Best weight loss for stomach fat

If that nice flat tummy you had a few years ago is slowly starting to look like Homer Simpson, it might be time to do something about your belly fat. For men, this is often the first area they put on weight. Targeting stomach weight loss or belly fat weight loss specifically has been difficult in the past.

You don’t have to stop drinking beer all together, but you can do something positive about your beer belly. Our Vacunaut exercise machine targets your stomach area and removes fat as you jog on a treadmill. It’s a great way to start feeling better about the way you look.

If you’re single, why not try our Vacunaut machine before getting back on the dating scene? And if you already have a partner, you might be surprised how they react when they see your new stomach!

Learn more about why our Vacunaut machine is so good for weight loss for stomach fat.

Weight loss exercises for hips, thighs, legs, waist: BrisbaneWeight loss success stories

Hypoxi Bulimba has already seen so many weight loss success stories—too many to list here!

Some highlights include:

  • Leanne dropping 2 dress sizes in 3 months to fit into her dream wedding dress
  • Maddie, who lost 3kg and12cm of baby weight after 12 sessions
  • Lotta, who lost 9.7kg and 54.7cm after 36 sessions and now looks stunning.

There are countless Hypoxi success stories similar to these. We believe that Hypoxi provides the best exercise for weight loss and cellulite reduction. To hear more from our happy customers, visit our Hypoxi Testimonials page.

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