Low Impact Exercise for Weight Loss and Fitness

Imagine if there was a low impact exercise for weight loss that you could do lying down that was up to 3 x more effective than traditional exercise at burning stubborn fat and it was also able to reduce cellulite significantly. Sounds to good to be true!

Well it’s not! It is totally possible at Hypoxi.

The advanced vacuum and compression technology along with healthy eating is able to activate your body so that it can burn fat and cellulite in specific areas of your body.

Low Impact Exercise for Weight Loss Brisbane - Hypoxi

Why people choose low impact exercises to lose weight

High-intensity exercise tends to burn more calories faster but often has high impact on joint cushions, tendons, knees, hips, ankles and muscles. With low impact exercise, you can raise your heart rate to speed up your metabolism and burn fat without the negative impact. By putting less stress on the body you may reduce the chance of injury.

Low impact exercise may be possible for people with:

  1. Tendon issues
  2. Hip and knee injury
  3. Leg and ankle injury
  4. Back injury
  5. Arm injury
  6. Pulled muscles
  7. Strained muscles

Who Benefits from low impact weight loss

Low impact exercise has many health benefits including

  1. Cardiovascular health- It helps to enhance heart and lung function, reduce LDC or bad cholesterol levels, control triglyceride and blood sugar and also helps in weight loss.
  2. Less joint damage – you can get similar benefits to high impact exercise with less joint damage
  3. Accelerated weight loss – lose calories with less effort

People who may benefit from low impact exercise for weight loss include;

  1. brand new to exercise,
  2. overweight or obese
  3. post-pregnant
  4. elderly or seniors
  5. injury or chronic condition such as osteoporosis that makes high-impact activity risky.


HYPOXI equipment

The L250 – targets buttocks, hips, thighs, and lower stomach with advanced vacuum therapy

The S120 – The gentle positive and negative vacuum pressure supercharges your workout and targets cellulite and stubborn fat around the thighs, lower stomach, hips, and buttocks

Vacunaut – With 122 integrated pressure chambers the Vacunaut is perfect for apple shaped men and women who need to target the stomach and waist.

HypoxiDermology – With 400 integrated pressure chambers around the thigh, stomach, hip, and buttock region. The HDC creates increased fat and cellulite reduction that is perfect for lymphatic drainage.

Other low impact weight loss exercises

It depends on why you need low impact exercise and where you have an injury as to whether any of these are suitable.

Other low impact exercises include

  1. Walking
  2. Climbing steps
  3. Power Yoga
  4. Aqua Zumba or aerobics- easier on knees, feet, and hips
  5. Stationary Cycling – great to do while watching TV
  6. Stationary rowing – great to do while watching TV
  7. Swimming –

Remember that hypoxi has been shown to be 3x more effective than traditional low impact exercise to burn fat and cellulite.

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